Monday, February 21, 2011

NOTEable Mention -- our Roadies :) TECH NOTES -- Lighting and sound for concerts

Unlike most rock bands, we don't have roadies that hang out in the green room inhaling the after-show munchies-- we DO have some groupies, but that's another story...
After-concert munching
 We look to our own ranks to get the non-singing, but necessary tasks done, which will enhance our performances. Setting up the lights, sound equipment and  risers goes to the highest bidder. Uh, I mean, the most willing and strong-backed in the choir.

Rene setting up sound
Rene, Bass, takes care of and transports the bulky lighting and sound equipment with his own van.
Susan and John relaxing at intermission
The choir invested in a quality set of risers a few years ago. When they are needed, setup  is supervised by Susan -- who transports them with her own van from the equipments home in the basement at a local high school.
Rex and Morgan Lifting the Heavy


Morgan focuses, while Rene holds the ladder -- safety first!
Morgan - our youngest Tenor, does a lot of the heavy lifting for us and loves to focus the lights.


Diana, cord mistress
  Diana, a  wondrous Soprano, runs cords and tapes them down.
"Helping with the lighting means having Pete screech "Bzzzzzt" electrical sounds whenever you plug something in. He keeps us on our toes."
David, staring into the light...
Rex, far right -- note furry slippers in Basic Black -- concert-ready!
Long-time Tenor, David -- and hilarious, furry-slippered-wearing Bass, Rex -- set up smaller box risers when needed. They also help to focus lights.
   Other helpers, Huguette - Soprano, John - Bass and former tenor, Youssef, round out our 2010 crew. Of course many others pitched in, and if I missed you I'm sorry -- feel free to correct me in a comment below:)

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