Monday, February 7, 2011

Come Again, John Dowland, performed by The Stairwell Carollers, Ottawa

Mourning doves - photo, Holly Massie

Come Again, a lively madrigal by John Dowland, c.1563 - 1626,  an English composer of the Renaissance.  From The Stairwell Carollers spring concert, St. Charles church, Ottawa, On., Canada.


  1. Hi Holly! Thanks so much for joining with Sunday Song. I just wanted to let you know that I had a few problems listening to your piece from this clip but I did find it on you tube. It was beautiful as usual.

    Hope you will be able to join in again on Sunday.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hey Natasha -- Thanks for checking in :)
    I checked the clip and it played OK in my browser, but since the StairwellPod App in the top left sidebar is set to play automatically, you have to pause it before you play any videos that are embedded in posts. Otherwise you will hear both songs play at once. The result-- a contemporary arrangement!

  3. Hi Holly,
    Thanks for answering me about posting songs from your last Christmas
    concert. did not have time to answer Out of the country I was.

    Looking forward to hear from you after your Spring concerts.


  4. The recording of the spring concert will give us some good sounds to post -- the church is one that is used often for recordings so the sound balance there is much better.

    I'm doing Podcasts now, so everyone can get a taste of Pete's directing and what goes into making the music happen. Frankly,, it's hilarious to listen to the tape and how exuberant the choir is at rehearsal -- I never realized how noisy and chatty we are!


You can also email your questions to me - info (at) stairwellcarollers (dot) com.
Holly :)

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