Saturday, December 18, 2010

DA CAPO -- Stairwell Caroller History -- "Christmas for the Children" charitable compilation CD

Way back in 2001, we provided a track for this fund-raising CD for the Ottawa Snowsuit Fund.

Christmas for the Children CD
CBC radio played it the other day, and I've had a number of emails from people who thought they made an error attributing it to this CD. Nope -- here it is. I did a search and the CD was a limited edition -- no longer available (unless you are lucky to come across a secondhand copy).

Obviously, CBC owns a copy :)

A compilation CD of Ottawa artists, many names have gone on to further acclaim. Sneezy Waters, Mike Easton, The Radio Kings, Scott Paterson, Johnny Vegas & Dick Maloney, Terry Tufts, Ted Daigle, Byron, Johnny Reid, Joan Harea String Quartet, Colleen Peterson, 5 Man Electrical Band, Manon Seguin, Charlie Major,
Tom McMahon contributed bass guitar on a track or two.

There are many other artists on this collection -- feel free to comment and I will look up where they are now. Or you could help me out and hunt them up for me  :)

No copyright infringement intended by reproducing the images of this CD.This is for archival purposes only. All images are right protected and not copyable.

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