Monday, October 2, 2017

Choral Cacophony Podcast #7 O Claire De la Lune Cacophony!

Bridge and Moon - copyright, Holly Massie
When Pierre presented us with a warmup that he invented (I think) using an old favourite French children's song, O Claire De la Lune, we thought he had lost it.

Maybe he was yearning for his childhood. simpler times.

But I digress...

He made us sing it in a round. All four parts, soprano, alto, tenor and bass on the same note. Cacophony!

it's an incredible exercise for our ears. The challenge of staying in tune with your section ( I'm an alto) and then not drifting out of key is right up our stairwell, I mean alley, a cappella-wise.

Here are the words so you can sing along with the podcast.

Au clair de la lune
Mon ami Pierrot
Prête-moi ta plume
Pour écrire un mot
Ma chandelle est morte,
Je n'ai plus de feu.
Ouvre-moi ta porte
Pour l'amour de Dieu.

Find your part, find your note and train that ear!

Chapter 1 - Warmup scale
Chapter 2 - Sections singing sustained notes together on different vowels - tuning through dissonance.
Chapter 3 - Warmup O claire de la Lune - getting the notes for the sections
Chapter 4 - O claire de la Lune in 4 parts - first all together, then as a Round.

About The Stairwell Carollers:

Pierre Massie started our a cappella choir in 1977 while he was a music student at Ottawa U. The Stairwell Carollers are ranked with the best of Ontario choirs, winning both the 2010 and 2013 Ontario Music Festival Association competitions. 

A registered Canadian charity, we help local charities with our concert, CD and cookbook sales.

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