Saturday, October 28, 2017

Choral Cacophony Podcast finds a Home!

Yes, this chickadee is having a bath in my garden fountain
We are proud and happy to announce that the terrific Podcast host PODIANT has welcomed The Stairwell Carollers Choral Cacophony Podcast as a part of their community. 

From live rehearsal audio with The Stairwell Carollers, each Podcast is 6 minutes or less. 
Our wee recorder does the job!
For singers who want to improve performance - solo or in chorus. 
Warmups, ear training, rehearsal and challenging vocal gymnastics with Director Pierre Massie are fun and challenging. 

Live and fresh, the Choral Cacophony Podcast will help any vocalist develop their range, enunciation, breath control and vocal quality. 
Sound advice for singers who want to improve their listening, rhythm and pronunciation for songs in multiple languages. 

Practice along with the choir to improve your ear training and vocal technique, phrasing and tempo.

A new episode every Monday.

This means that our little podcast is recognized by PODIANT as a valued community resource with fees waived indefinitely!

For the choir this is  a wonderful thing, since most podcasting hosts charge yearly, if not monthly, fees that we have no budget for.

For me, since the podcast is kind of my baby, it is so gratifying to have this kind of validation and thank you from such a wonderful professional hosting company.

Anyone who wants to start a podcast would be hard pressed to find a better host than PODIANT.

Their interface is attractive, modern and easy to use and the analytics are very cool. It's neat to know how many subscribers, streams and downloads we have had and the interactive world map shows us what countries they are from too.

Every email I have sent while  learning how to use the platform has always been promptly answered by a caring person. And when I put in our application to become a member of the community, they jumped to answer us with a resounding YES in a matter of days.

Thank you PODIANT, from the bottom of our hearts for this gift.

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