Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Stittsville United Church - A Church Home away from Home!

Stittsville United is a warm and welcoming church

Wow! Thanks so much to Stittsville United Church for our Freewill Concert Opportunity!

The choir members were greeted on dress rehearsal night by a plethora of plush pets or "pew toys" as Tobi calls them...
Drew, right at home with his new pals

Well-designed, bright lighting made additional lights unnecessary
This tiny detail, added to a very helpful and cheerful church staff created a homey relaxed atmosphere for our first time in a new venue. Then, we discovered the outstanding acoustics!
Our director, Pete, decides where we will stand to produce the best sound.
It took no time at all to arrange the chorus and get on with rehearsal.

I could hear the whole choir so well, I had to really focus to hear my own voice sometimes. Very cool!

Pete reviews a new song before we startTech-savvy announcement board!

Stairwell Carollers June 17th 2017 Concert group

With the generous (near $700) from our very first  Freewill offering concert, our 40th fundraising total is now at $3,547! Our audience was so friendly and  snapped more photos than at any of our concerts to date. Such a warm welcome!
Stittsville United Church has SO MUCH beautiful stained glass!A warm up room large enough to give us all room to breathe is a treat!

Stained glass at entrance of Stittsville United

We have our easy on-line Donation page where every donation receives  a charitable tax receipt and there is a fun thermometer to track the progress of the donations too!

We need to reach $15,000 to be able to do everything we want to celebrate our 40th year of song in the Ottawa/Outaouais region - so please help us reach our goal!

Another way you can help us raise funds is to cue up our 40th Fundraiser Playlists and let YouTube pay us forward! All the videos on the playlists are monetized, so the choir gets reimbursed from YouTube when you watch and listen! (Thanks for the idea, Rae!)

 Here's our 40th Fundraiser Sacred Playlist for you watch (over and over and over...).

If you love our music, please support us, by watching our YouTube Fundraiser Playlists and by making a donation.

Listen to our live concert videos on our YouTube channel.

Please DONATE to support our 40th year events for everyone! 
All Donations receive a charitable receipt.

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