Friday, April 19, 2013

Gold at Ottawa Kiwanis Music festival -- and we are invited to the Provincials!

The Stairwell Carollers entry for 2013 included Pete's original arrangement of Iesous Ahatonnia
         For a number of our new Stairwellers this was a first -- to perform at Kiwanis!  
The director prepares...

Every Kiwanis festival is different -- different venues, different adjudicators, but this one was quite special for two reasons

1. Our fantastic Audience -- which included the wonderful choir Harmonia , sat and listened to us with warm enthusiasm. They were up last and we got to hear their offering -- two lovely pieces, the second accompanied by piano and violin.

2. Our dynamic and talented Adjudicator, Gerard Yun, whose jovial manner and charisma made us all very relaxed.

Our turn was taken at ORLEANS UNITED CHURCH, 111 Orleans Blvd., Orleans,  as the next to last performance. 

Pete's original Iesous Ahatonnia arrangement pleased Ottawa Kiwanis Music festival adjudicator, Gerard Yun so much, he asked if he use the arrangement with his own choir. Our director graciously said yes. 

Below is a 2011 concert recording of Pete's original arrangement of Iesous Ahatonnia.


Our second piece, Ave Maria, was also well received, and the adjudication time was filled with more than enough praise for our renditions of both works. It was quite thrilling to hear all the praise and we couldn't stop grinning. 

We got the library to warm up in -- very cozy
Then we got to jump through some hoops for Mr. Yun. He had us phrase some sections differently and do some interesting vocal exercises. All the while he kept piling on the praise and insisting that his suggestions were only that and that we were a wonderful group and very tight.
Warming up -- the entire pieces and then just the beginnings
He awarded us with Gold and invited us to enter the Provincial competition. So we will be recording the two pieces to send off. 

Wish us luck!!

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