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Our favourite classical artists, and resources for classical artists in the Ottawa and Gatineau region.
A definitive list from the organization that created the CAMMAC Music Centre and continues to support Canadian musicians in our area.
"Cette liste sera utile aux chanteurs à la recherche d’occasions musicales dans la région d’Ottawa-Gatineau."
An excellent and well-organized list compiled by Ottawa Start
Thanks for all the years of coverage and programming you guys have devoted to us!
Tim's website has an exhaustive list of classical music concerts on offer in the Ottawa region, organized by month.
A former music student of our director, Pierre, Jay is an adept and talented sound engineer. He has recorded all of our CDs except the first one, but still managed to keep our recorded sound consistent through the years. For your professional CD recording, in studio or in a location, Jay is clearly the best in Ottawa.
Tom is a location recording engineer and so much more. He has recorded our live concerts for us for many years now and much of his work has resulted in our excellent YouTube videos. A true music lover and musician in his own right, Tom's love for the art of music drives his voracious appetite for work. Despite the fact that he records hundreds of concerts in a season, he always has time for our choir. Arriving at the concert with his compact setup, he always produces a gem of a recording and has personality plus to boot.
Based in Ottawa's west end, Peter Ferris-Manning offers a wide range of photographic products and services.
EMAIL peter AT ferris-manning DOT ca
Ottawa Events is an excellent site to post your concert listings. It has a high Google ranking.
"Canada's leading classical print music specialist"
Very proactive -- produced a lovely poster for our upcoming concert. Site is en Francais.
Community attitude -- very helpful with promotion of concerts.
Thanks for the support :)
Truly an exhaustive list!
Always a great place to shop winter and summer and very welcoming to buskers and carolers :)

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