Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sh*t Choristers Say -- YouTube

My music --  Highlighter Fail

              Choir members of all ages can relate to this hilarious video made by the Vancouver Cantata Singers. This was shared on their YouTube channel.

Thanks go to @misssable for making us aware of it in her wonderful blog post she shared with us at our October Choral Link Party .

Our October Link up is still on -- it's easy to add your link to our collection...

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lirum bililirum -- Rossino Mantovano - The Stairwell Carollers, Ottawa.

Ontario apples :)
Ottawa choir, The Stairwell Carollers, perform "Lirum bililirum" by Rossino Mantovano (Rossino of Mantua) (fl. 1505-1511) an Italian composer of madrigals.
Audio: Tom Barnes.  Recorded at St. Barnabas Church, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, June 1st, 2013.

Videographers: Valérie Auger-Voyer, Kevin Millington.

Video Editing: Pierre Massie

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stairwell Carollers 2013 group photo DONE!

2013 Stairwell Carollers (minus a few that couldn't make it for the pic)

Here we are on the steps of my favourite venue, St. Charles in Vanier.

Too bad it's no longer a church.

 Budget restrictions forced its closure and sent the congregation packing to a newer place of worship nearby. Sadly, St. Charles may become condos in the future -- sacrilegious to me, pardon the pun.

 Hey, I'm not Catholic, but it is such a lovely church -- all ivory and gold inside with a huge contemporary stained glass window over the alter.

Built in the classic cathedral shape, the quality of the sound at concerts was outstanding, with a wondrous echo coming back to us, filling the space with our voices.

The only reason we did not record CDs there is  the constant traffic noise from Beechwood Avenue, impossible to filter out.

Ah, well... we have lovely memories of singing there -- doing our group photo there again seems right.
Our 2007 group photo
A few choir members couldn't make it to the photo shoot -- really, just me with my camera on tripod, tiny remote clicker in hand --  so I may try to morph some of them in from old group photos.
Rex, Kelly, Maggie and Nicole are in this one from 2011

Well, maybe not that old...
way back in 2008

Ha -- love those photo effects.

Well, we'll see what wonders I can wring out of my photo program... stayed tuned...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Linky party -- Music Blog LINK UP -- Add Your Music Post LINK NOW !

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Here are our three SEPTEMBER   Featured Posts

 First, an original composition by Richard Maddock 


Next is a guest post by Melissa Perry Moraja on her educational blog, "Music Teaching and Parenting"
Literacy through reading ABOUT music 

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