Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Auditions for tenors - BOOM! TONIGHT!

Just one of the amazing venues the Stairwell Carollers get to sing in!
Audition Countdown: 
Top 10 reasons to audition for my Ottawa Choir, The Stairwell Carollers:
Calling all Tenors: here is my top reason for joining me in the tenor section of the Ottawa Choir, The Stairwell Carollers.

David Rain 

NUMBER 1 reason to audition for the Ottawa Choir, The Stairwell Carollers night!
And here's a drinking song to celebrate with.

If you are a tenor, 
to set up your audition TONIGHT!
Jan 30 2019 Stairwell Carollers auditions for tenors
Post by David R. and Holly M.

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Holly :)

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