Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Auditions for the Stairwell Carollers Xmas season starts SOON! Email us today...

Aug 2018 Audition for the Stairwell Carollers
Tenor, bass and soprano auditions for the Stairwell Carollers Xmas season starts Wed Aug. 29th 2018.

Tenors especially needed! We rehearse weekly in a local church in the Manor Park region of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Auditions open to anyone able to make the rehearsals on a regular basis.

Email us now -  info@stairwellcarollers.com  to set up your audition!

No walk-ins, please email us to book your time.

Sorry, altos need not apply.

Do I have to prepare something?
Our audition process is relaxed and lasts 10 to 15 minutes.
If you have a song that you think shows off your voice, we would love to hear it.

We sing a cappella
Don't bother about accompaniment. Your voice is all we need to hear.

Our group is bilingual
We sing in many languages as well as in English and French. We work in both official languages, but bilingualism - or even reading music -  are not a necessity.

Your voice quality, singing style and ability to learn a short song will be assessed at your audition. We look for a smooth blend with the other singers to uphold our favourite "Stairwell Caroller" sound.

Email us ASAP

Here's an evergreen post --  TEN reasons why you should Audition for The Stairwell Carollers.

And to get you started thinking about Christmas...

About The Stairwell Carollers:

Pierre Massie started our a cappella choir in 1977 while a music student at Ottawa University. The Stairwell Carollers are ranked with the best of Ontario choirs, winning in both the 2010 and 2013 Ontario Music Festival Association competitions. 

A registered Canadian charity, we help local charities with our concert, CD and cookbook sales.

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