Monday, January 16, 2017


Stairwell Carollers Auditions for Spring 2017 - email us now to book yours!
Email us now at info(at) stairwellcarollers (dot) com to set up your audition! Auditions for our choir are to be held near the end of January, 2017.

We are currently looking for sopranos, tenors and basses. Altos need not apply.

The audition process is guaranteed painless and only lasts ten to fifteen minutes. Our group is officially bilingual and we perform songs in many languages as well as in English and French. That being said, bilingualism or even reading music are not necessities. 

Your voice quality, singing style and ability to learn a short song will be assessed in a relaxed manner at your audition.

Email us soon to book your spot!

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You can also email your questions to me - info (at) stairwellcarollers (dot) com.
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