Thursday, May 8, 2014

David, tenor and Nikki, soprano run for Biodiversity!

Hi folks, not only do the sopranos and tenors find time to sing in perfect harmony, but some of them have gone the extra mile and are joining forces as part of USC Canada’supcoming Run for Biodiversity in Ottawa, May 24-25.

Yes, the tenor pestering you again this year is David, who will be attempting his 21stmarathon (ouch) on Sunday May 25, an average of one a year since joining the Carollers.

The big news to share, however, is the new soprano on the starting block, Nikki, who is training towards her very first 10km race on Saturday May 24 – now that’s cool! In a very exciting development this year, Nikki is part of a 44 member Algonquin College team that has joined our Run for Biodiversity. Big thanks to Nikki and the rest of Team Algonquin!

In two weeks time, Nikki and David will be running wild for food and farmers in Ethiopia. We’re raising funds to help farming families in remote areas of Ethiopia. In case you didn’t know, Ethiopian farmers are actually performing a great service to all of humanity, as they keep alive the biodiversity that we all depend on.

A little know story (of interest perhaps to the pub nite crowd) is how barley genes nurtured by Ethiopian farmers helped save our beer industry a few decades back: J

You can support our efforts and help farming families in Ethiopia:

1. by sponsoring Nikki with an Online Donation on our special Algonquin R4B donate page,

2. by passing a cheque or cash to Nikki or David at choir, or

3. by sending a cheque (made out to “USC Canada”) to: USC Canada, Run for Biodiversity, 56 Sparks Street, Suite 705, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5B1.

We have suggested donations to fit every budget, and every imagination level:

1. $10 = a 10km run is a feat in itself, that not many of us can manage, or imagine.

2. $26 = now what could be “easier” than running a mere 26.2 mile marathon.

3. $42 = if you think in metric, and not in miles, then running a marathon always seems to feel that much longer – 42.195 km to be specific.

4. $52 = $42 + $10, bien sur!

Cheers to the Ethiopian farmers who are keeping Biodiversity alive!

David and Nikki

David Rain

Legacy Gifts and Donor Recognition

Coordinator, Run for Biodiversity

USC Canada
56 Sparks Street, Suite 705
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1P 5B1

Tel: 1-613-234-6827, ext 231

Fax: 1-613-234-6842

I'm running wild for food and farmers. Support USC Canada's Run for Biodiversity!


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