Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mini Blog Challenge Party -- Wednesday (early AM Thursday) HUMOUR (yes, Canadian...)

Sorry girls -- we aren't auditioning Sopranos -- or Altos -- this season

Wednesday's Challenge -- Funny Post -- Ha Ha

I took over the duties of collecting auditioneers and setting up audition times this season. Despite the fact that we clearly asked for only Tenors and Basses, most of the emails requesting auditions were from


of the soprano and alto persuasion --

oh, and one female Bass.

Now, I'm NOT making fun of these girls -- I just figure I must be working through some bad Karma to have been put in the uncomfortable position of saying NO to so many lovely people. I think this was a record in the Stairwell Caroller books.

Thanks, Universe...

Two Tenors and a Bass that didn't make it into The Stairwell Carollers -- we have some standards, y'know

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